BLOCKCHAIN.PT - Digital transition


Supported by the National Monitoring Committee for the Recovery and Resilience Plan and led by VOID Software, Softi9 was present on the second day of the BlockchainPT Mobilizing Agenda, which took place at Startup Leiria, Portugal. 

Jorge Serrano Pinto, Managing Director of Softi9, along with representatives from other leading companies and entities, such as Bosch, Amkor Technology, Efacec, Celfocus, CCDR Centro and NOVA IMS, took part in the debate on the Green Economy and the Digital Transition panel, moderated by Professor Sandro Mendonça from ISCTE. 

In this panel, it was possible to see the importance of integrating blockchain technology into the industrial economy and the various aspects in which it can act. In fact, in a panel with such heterogeneous solutions, it was possible to confirm that blockchain technology is necessary and adds value to all of them.

This event not only marked the start of an ambitious agenda, but also strengthened Portugal's position at the forefront of industrial digital innovation. With the BLOCKCHAIN.PT consortium leading the way, the country is preparing to embrace a decentralized and technologically advanced future.