CUCo in +50 years of innovating Portugal


Jorge Serrano Pinto, representing Softi9, with Rosário Belchior, representing Inforlandia, at the networking event for companies “+50 anos a inovar Portugal”, organized by the University of Aveiro, as part of its 50th anniversary, which took place at the Águeda Arts Centre on 28 May 2024.

The presentation included CUCo Firmware Security, a product developed jointly by the three organizations, a clear success story in collaboration between the business and academic worlds, which now has a consolidated global presence.

CUCo is a system that allows you to remotely lock and/or unlock devices, installed in the firmware of the equipment itself, making it a leading solution in the sector and which, due to its innovative approach, allowed us to obtain our first patent, together with the University of Aveiro.

The integration of new technologies, in particular blockchain, and other functionalities demanded by a market that is constantly growing and evolving, will mean that we will have more news very soon.

Congratulations, University of Aveiro, and here's to another 50 years of innovation!