FactoryDay 2023 Participation


On January 26th 2023, it took place at CATIM Porto's facilities the 2nd FactoryDay, event organized by FactoryBox brand, with the theme "Energy Management as an added value to Production".

This year's edition highlighted energy in Industry as a central theme, and several approaches applied to the industrial reality were presented, associating energy to one more resource that must be planned, controlled and optimized, not considering it "simply" as a cost.

The debate, between guests and participants, was continuous throughout the event:

Energy Efficiency in Industry - Carbon Reduction
⁠Raquel Coelho and Alberto Fonseca, CATIM

Production Planning with Energy Considerations
⁠Jorge Serrano Pinto, Softi9

Analysis of Consumption Patterns using IIOT
⁠Humberto Ferreira, Pragmasoft

The Renewable Energy Communities (RECs)
⁠Mário Ferrinha, Mota-Engil Renovation

Opportunities Portugal 2030
⁠Claudia Pires/ Maria Fernandes, CATIM

We cannot forget to thank the guests and participants for the success of another FactoryDay, where the sharing of experiences and knowledge certainly contributed to a higher productivity of all our organizations.