First Green APS tests


RP Santini is a precision turnery since 1953. Over the years, RP Santini has continuously grown and changed its business. Nowadays, it is a hydraulics leader third parties manufacturer and boasts collaboration with the best player of the industry. Given these premises, it is obvious that RP Santini has innovation in its genetic matrix. It has been the first company in the Emilia-Romagna region to use multi-spindle machines since early 90s. It boasts a long-term partnership with the University of Parma concerning research and development projects. Moreover, it is now one of the first company, especially in its business typology, to participate in developing and implementing a planning system that takes energy into account in its planning as use case of Stello Planner, the ‘green’ planning and scheduling software by Softi9.

By inserting an "energy layer" in Stello Planner (at the same level of the traditional ones related to the availability of materials and capacities), Softi9 has started to consider energy in industrial planning beyond traditional criteria as capacity and resource availability, costs, and due date, for example. Thus, it will not only be possible to anticipate whether it is possible to deliver customer orders within the desired time frame, but also within the energy parameters acceptable by the company (e.g., consumption and peak consumption, costs, etc.). Or to inform the customer with time if any delay or price increase is anticipated, for instance, in case a change in the delivery time is non-negotiable and this will lead to higher energy consumption. Briefly, Softi9 is innovating once again.

RP Santini is proud of being a real pilot for developing the solution, proving once again its culture to evolve and join industrial (r)evolutions.