New solutions for a more sustainable industry


This event took place in the Productech Forum, part of EMAF 2023, and aimed to bring together a number of entities, with different profiles, to present their testimonials as members of EIT Manufacturing.

He was part of a panel discussion with the motto "Smarter production - more efficiency, less resources", with the following guests:

Vasco Teles (moderator) - INESC TEC / EIT Manufacturing Hub

Sérgio Albergaria - Sonae

Jorge Serrano Pinto - Softi9

Iria Galiñares Romero - CTAG (Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia)

António Baptista - INESC TEC / INEGI

Softi9 presented the case of its participation in the Green APS project, where features such as Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Criteria Optimization and Scaling, to help reduce energy costs in production and reduce the carbon footprint, were touchstones.

The opening was held by Luís Carneiro, INESC TEC Board Member, and was attended by Antoni Pijoan, EIT Manufacturing West Director.