Pan-European partner workshop


The annual meeting of the associates of EIT Manufacturing (European Institute of Innovation and Technology for Industry), of which Softi9 is a member, is taking place on October, 27th and 28th at HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility) in Frankfurt.

All those present (technology supplier companies, user companies, universities and research institutes) and the EIT itself are challenged to develop brainstorming activities, to which they bring concerns and challenges from each of their realities related to the industrial area. From these sessions, ideas for new developments and incorporation of new functionalities result, as a consequence of the experience of dozens of associates. The photo illustrates our participation in brainstorming in one of the workshops: Value Chain Transparency.

The establishment of new consortiums, among several complementary entities, is also a common result, always with the aim of being able to offer our customers the incorporation of the latest and best trends and practices in our products.

The solution Stello Planner, incorporating energy efficiency as one of the aspects to be taken into account in industrial planning, is an example of the result of a project within the EIT, whose design began in mid 2021.