Produtech Annual Conference


On November 30, 2022, the annual conference of Produtech was held. Produtech is officially recognized as the Portuguese Cluster of Production Technologies, a network promoted by production technology companies capable of responding to the challenges of the manufacturing industry with innovative, flexible, integrated, and competitive solutions.

This year's event was framed within the PRODUTECH4S&C Mobilizer Project - a response from the production technologies sector (PTS) for the construction of a circular and sustainable manufacturing industry. It advocates the development of differentiating solutions, in response to the urgency of the industry's transformation towards sustainability and circular economy, enabling FTP to assume a key position in a global niche: production technologies that facilitate circularity and industrial sustainability.

Softi9, represented by its Managing Director, Jorge Serrano Pinto, participated in a round table discussion and addressed Collaborative Planning and Production Optimization taking into account energy efficiency, both implemented in the latest version of the Stello Planner production planning and simulation platform.