Softi9 and Tvarit agreement for new developments


As the conclusion date of EIT Manufacturing's Green APS project approaches, the version of Stello Planner, with advanced features for production planning, considering energy management factors, being tested in pilot companies (voestalpine Böhler Welding and RP Santini), will soon be available for commercialization. 

Other very positive results of this project were the exchange of experiences and visions with several consortium members from various European countries, namely Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

With Softi9 - Inovação Informática, Lda. and Tvarit being the companies responsible for disseminating, marketing and implementing the solution in the market, the good relationship between both companies from the beginning made it possible to foresee a path that could go beyond the commercial one.

Taking advantage of a pre-closure meeting in Frankfurt, both companies agreed to continue to collaborate beyond the project's end date, namely in the development of new and innovative
functionalities. Always with the objective of offering solutions to the market that respond to the constant challenges, increasingly demanding and more frequent challenges.